corporate and commercial law

They're all pretty similar and they're all practiced pretty much together. There are some differences in what you might do on a day to day basis. - Commercial law is the law of buying and selling, both tangible things like goods and intangible things like intellectual property rights. In most cases, it's ensuring that the seller gets paid for the

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Court Marriage

Now how you proceed for court marriage in Pakistan? Pakistani Constitution has given Right of Liberty to choose a person to marry with. We at PK-Legal support the youth so that their desires should be fulfilled through Court Marriage. Some other reasons are also responsible for rise of court marriage for example the late marriages

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Divorce and Khula

Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act 1939 Judicial khula may also be granted without the husband's consent if the wife is willing to forgo her financial rights. Grounds for Judicial Divorce Grounds on which a woman may seek khula include:

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Property Lawyer

Our Law Firm offers a fast and efficient service in the following areas of Property Law:

  • Property Litigation
  • Acquisition and Sale of Property, both commercial and residential
  • Construction and Planning
  • Landlord & Tenant
  • Landlord & Tenant
  • Property Conveyanceing
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real estate and transfer of properties

Real Estate and Transfer of Property

Conveyancing, as the name implies, is the act of transferring property to a new owner.  The attorney involved in conveyancing is the person who takes the desires of the buyer and seller and translates them into legal reality by drafting and recording appropriate deeds or similar instruments.  To do so, the attorney will determine such issu

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Immigration Services

Throughout our nation's history, millions of immigrants have come here, many in search of economic, political, social or religious freedom. Countless immigrants don't enjoy the full benefits offered in their communities because they can't afford the services of a private immigration attorney, or they become the victims of immigration services scams

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