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Asma Tanveer


Asma Tanveer

Advocate High Court


  • Literate in License programs of the ELA.
  • B.A, LLB.
  • Orientation course in Sharia (Islamic Law) from Sharia Academy, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan.


  • Orientation course in Sharia Islamic Law for Lawyers INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY, ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN.
  • English Typewriting Trade from VOCATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR WOMEN, Peoples colony, Pakistan.
  • Computer Literate.
  • Excellent in drafting legal forms, plaints/ written statements /appeals/applications.


  1. Member European lawyers association (ELA).
  2. Member Bliss immigration.
  3. Representative agent of Canadian immigration.
  4. Member for life of High Court Bar Association, Lahore.
  5. Bauer Chief of the Legal Edition, (a largely published journal of lawyers). Multan.
  6. Member Princeton Commercial Holdings LLC (immigration services).
  7. Member of The Punjab bar Council as an Advocate High Court Lahore since Nov 2002.
  8. Member Faisalabad District Bar Association, since 1999.
  9. Member Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.
  10. Executive member District Human right Committee, Pakistan.
  11. Faculty of law GC University, Faisalabad, Pakistan as lecturer, examiner, paper setter.
  12. Member various legal aid cell.
  13. Member of numerous international women lawyers associations whose list can be provided if required.
  14. Member of various international law tribunals, forums, bar councils, law websites, legal and human rights help sections, tribunals, Ngo s.
  15. Member of various intellectual property, trademarks registering organizations and authorities.


  • Running law firm since 1999.
  • Practicing as a corporate lawyer.
  • Panel lawyer of MCB bank Ltd.
  • Panel lawyer of HBL bank Ltd.
  • Panel lawyer of ABL bank Ltd.
  • Work for 1st women bank of Pakistan.
  • Practicing as an immigration lawyer of different countries.
  • Practicing as an Advocate High-Court in, LAHORE HIGH COURT, LAHORE, PAKISTAN in Service, Criminal and Civil Matters since 3 years.
  • Practicing in District and Session Courts Faisalabad, Pakistan since 1999.
  • Practice as junior pleader of Advocate Supreme Court, Ch. Habib-ur-Rehman, Pakistan for 3 years.
  • Acting, Pleading, and appearing as an attorney advocate of La Salle High School, Pakistan.
  • Long term working as a Trade Mark and Patent attorney for business companies from all over the world.
  • Acting, pleading and appearing as an attorney, advocate of Mansoor Textile Mills, Shorekot Jhang / Waqas Spinning, Shorekot, Jhang, Pakistan.
  • Acting, pleading and appearing as an attorney, advocate in pleadings, appeals, miscellaneous petitions of different, developed, working organizations.
  • Acting, pleading and appearing as an attorney, advocate of Al-Busshar Foundation, Pakistan.
  • Attorney of jewelers, Satiyana road, Pakistan.
  • Permanent legal advisor of different Sizing industry units.
  • Can obtain licenses, permits of every kind, and already prepare draft on telecommunication laws.


  1. Gold Medalist in Law.
  2. Member Discipline Committee Government College for Woman, Faisalabad.
  3. English Debater.
  4. Stood 1st in political science, English and 3rd in Education though out in educational session in Government College.


  1. Is capble of handing skillfully any matter related to Corporate laws.
  2. Family laws and particularly Muslim family laws regarding divorce, dower, dowry, custody of the minors, recovery of the minors, succession certificates, guardian ships of the minors, law of inheritance.
  3. Transfer of the property laws including power of attorneys.
  4. Banking laws.
  5. Immigration laws.
  6. Civil and Criminal laws

Total duration as a practicing advocate: – 9 YEARS.


Proficient and required drafting of all legal documents plaints, appeals, application, forms in English (with all terms and phrases of Law), as well as in Urdu.

Only Activity:

  1. Learning, practicing and studying law journals, books, magazines and new drafted laws.
  2. Visiting different websites of law, bar and associations on internet.
  3. Obtaining listing on the law websites and replying to the emails enquiries on the internet.

Services and specified works:

  • Provide services as an agent for services of documents on the respondents in all matters which are pending in the courts of different countries e.g. in dissolution/divorce cases.
  • Adequate knowledge for Documentation related to Standard Manuals, Records, & Procedures for the benefit of the Company or organization or as per the requirement of the particular case, suit, appeal or petition.
  • Excellent skill of drafting plaints, written statements, civil and criminal appeals, review petitions and searching relevant laws and manuals for the presentation in the court.
  • Conducting examination in chief and cross examination at the time of evidence.
  • Searching and presenting relevant laws along with the precedents in arguments which support the suit or defense of the client.
  • Arranging satisfaction of the decree/judgments by filing execution of the decree application, through arrest, auction and attachments.
  • Collecting records, data and other information regarding any of the project and survey.
  • Long term work as a human rights activist generally and women rights activist particularly.

Asma Tanveer

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